Chance Trahan (DJ PVMA) developed a sense of music at an early age. When he was just 2 years old, his grandpa got him a Smurfs drumset, and by 5, he had already learned to play Elvis on the guitar from his uncle. As you can clearly see, his love for music never stopped. As he grew older, PVMA found himself falling deeper in love with music each and every day. Discovering how to make beats is what he feels changed his life exponentially, because he was able to compose the songs exactly the way he wanted to hear them.

DJ PVMA loves to spin music because he likes being able to share his most favorite songs with all of his friends on his livestream. His ultimate goal as an artist is to spark creativity in others so that they chase their dreams. This DJ strives to be a prime example of what you can do when you take things one day at a time.

When it comes to gaming, PVMA commands your attention. When playing Call of Duty competitively, you can usually find him at the top of the match leaderboard, or coming in first on Plunder while taking on multiple teams of 3 and 4 players when he's rocking solo. Although he's been known to roll with squads of players whom are either active duty military or retired veterans, as they are more his speed of communication and tactics, he prefers to play as a lone wolf.

When he was just a kid, one of his first memories was going to work with his mom one day and discovering that she worked in an arcade game repair shop. Seeing his most favorite arcade games like Galaga and Centipede disassembled is what opened his mind to the fact that gaming was far more deeper than just cartoons on a screen and a couple of joysticks and buttons. He's always had a love for technology, and is best known for his insight and history with video games.

After dabbling in many industries and fielding courses to learn trades, PVMA decided to take up creative writing and public speaking as a profession. He has created and written scripts and storyboards for projects like his zombie cartoon Dot Bwains, a comedy show Good Cop - Bad Cop, a Dexter movie script, and a story titled 'Ninja' that follows the life of the character Hanzo Hasashi, who is better known as Scorpion, in the events that lead up to the tournament known as Mortal Kombat. Many have tried to replicate the work of PVMA in several high profile productions, but none have come close to the intensity of the source of his work.

Booking time with DJ PVMA is easy, as he has made the booking process as effortless as possible. By clicking the button below, you will be taken to the booking page where you can pay to reserve his time. PVMA is available for writing projects, collaborating on music, public speaking and live DJ sessions. Just click the 'purchase' button on the next page and submit your offer using Venmo.