Chance Trahan (DJ PVMA) developed a sense of music at an early age, began building his studio in 2005 and just added livestreaming to his arsenal. When Chance performs, he captivates his audience. He's always gone above and beyond to help another artist, and has made plenty of friends along the way that helped to shape his abilities as a performer. Trahan says he "will never forget the good times" that he had with them.

Chance's influences are country, alternative, dance, rap, trap and metal. Discovering how to make beats is what changed his life. Trahan writes music often, and is always dropping something new throughout the year. When he was 2 years old, his grandpa got him his first drumset and he was always singing to Chance, too. By 5, he was playing Elvis on the guitar. The memories of growing up with a jukebox in the house is what inspires Trahan to write his music the way that he does.