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DJ PVMA respects your privacy. He will never sell or rent your private information, and will help to prosecute anyone caught personally violating your privacy. He wants to make sure that you and your assets are protected when engaging business with him, so you can be at ease that everything submitted to DJ PVMA can be done in confidence.


DJ PVMA only uses any info collected here for contacting you after relaying an iquiry into his services, for quoting his services, and for processing the necessary transactions for those services that you agree to only. The only info we collect is your contact information, event info and your venue info. Other than that, we do not collect any other info on you, and we do not use or store any cookies on this site. Third party widgets may store cookies, but, we do not have access to that information. Please see the third party's associated website for their policies on how they may be collecting data, and what they choose to do with it.